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Morpilot® Wide Drenching Round Shape Top Spray Rain Shower Head with Waterproof Music Jet Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Polished Chrome Showerhead Audio Box Built-in Mic with Answer Calls Button

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Morpilot Rain Showerheads with Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speakers for Music or Phone Delivery -Portable Outdoor Waterproof Speakers - Polished Chrome

With Morpilot Shower speaker, you can listen to the music and even answer the phone call during the shower. The speaker will ring when there is an incoming phone call. When you finish the call, the audio will resume playing. The wireless speak can operate up to 10 hours of music or phone call.


• High-quality waterproof apron to prevent leakage.
• Shower head is made of better material and adapt updated plating technology.
• Wireless speaker delivers up to 11.5 hours of music or talk, and can be used outside the shower space, independent of the showerhead, to stream music in any room
• The water saving shower technology helps save up to 30% of water (Flow rate 2.5GPM)
• Include one set of 1000mA lithium ion battery and USB cable charger.
• Bluetooth range: 33 feet.
• High-fidelity 3W waterproof speakers.
• Full support for Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR.
• Outstanding RF power amplifier performance. Simulated dual microphone noise reduction. Pickup technology for background noise cancellation.

Package Includes:

• Showerhead x1
• Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (1 lithium ion battery included) x1
• USB battery charger x1
• User manual in English x1

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Reviews of Morpilot® Wide Drenching Round Shape Top Spray Rain Shower Head with Waterproof Music Jet Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Polished Chrome Showerhead Audio Box Built-in Mic with Answer Calls Button

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35,99 $US

Most Accepted Reviews

Five Stars

Reviewed on 29/08/2016, By Amazon Customer
Amazing!!!!!!! Best shower head I've ever had!!! Do not regret buying this!!!!
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Five Stars

Reviewed on 24/08/2016, By loie al nimri
Great product
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This shower head is awsome I love it

Reviewed on 10/08/2016, By Firetv
I just received this in the mail today and let me tell you I am very satisfied with this product. For all my music lovers you will love this. the speaker sounds good. The shower head puts out the right amount of water pressure as well it feel great sounds great!
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For the amount it is perfect. I only wish there was a separate button ...

Reviewed on 01/08/2016, By JOSHUA ESCOBEDO
Exactly how the product was described. For the amount it is perfect. I only wish there was a separate button to answer calls.
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... bought a Morpilot shower head and I fell in love with it

Reviewed on 25/07/2016, By Daniel Johnson
My room mate at my last apartment bought a Morpilot shower head and I fell in love with it. Now that I moved into a new apartment, I just had to get one of my own! I can't imagine taking a shower without the relaxing water pressure this shower head provides along with my favorite music. The speaker can actually get pretty loud, and it is super easy to hookup bluetooth!
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Music in your shower

Reviewed on 29/06/2016, By Jay
Music in the shower in a whole new fashion. The large rain shower head comes with a detachable bluetooth rechargeable speaker that will connect to most bluetooth devices. I am very impressed by the sound quality of such a small speaker and how loud it actually is. The shower head is very easy to install since it has a screen and washer for easy no leaking install. The speaker comes with a small cord that can be plugged into any USB and charges very quickly. The speaker itself snaps into place very easy once charging is completed and syncing is very simple. I am only not impressed that it doesn't have much pressure even with our house pressure being high and would recommend if your going to use this head you many want to consider a larger 3/4 inch shower valve to supply enough pressure to enjoy. Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.
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works good. I like all the nozzles it has.

Reviewed on 28/06/2016, By shopper couple
 This is my review for Morpilot® Wide Drenching Round Shape Top Spray Rain Shower Head with Waterproof Music Jet Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Polished Chrome Showerhead Audio Box Built-in Mic with Answer Calls ButtonThis solved two problems I had. 1, kids always loosing Bluetooth shower speakers or trying to take their siblings because they didn’t charge theirs and 2, our old shower head didn’t put out much water.The shower head is a large 8” around disc with the removable speaker in the middle. It has 88 nozzles that spray a pretty large pattern and it’s sure to rinse you off well. It does swivel too so you can adjust where is spraying some.The usage of this is pretty simple. It installs just like a regular shower head. I use a small bit of Teflon tape and go around the shower neck clockwise a few times. Then screw the shower head on hand tight and then about ½ a turn with a wrench.Now for the speaker part, just charge it for about 4 hours and then pair it to your device. When it’s paired the led will be a solid blue. It doesn’t have any control buttons on it other than a power button so you need to adjust the volume and tracks on your phone or whatever you’re using. When it is paired and playing a song it sounds good for a shower speaker and gets loud. When it is time to charge it you just twist and remove the center speaker and plug it into the included USB plug. It does have a cover over the charging port to keep water out. It also has the ability to answer phone calls but I don’t talk in the shower. The range is listed at 30 feet for the Bluetooth but this is the only speaker that I can leave my phone on my bed and it still work. That’s more than 30 feet away.The only thing I didn’t like was the round charging plug.I attached pictures but they don’t always show up but everything is in the video anyway.If you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be more than happy to help answer any question if I can.Please note that I rely on reviews posted to help me decide on buying products too and hate buying junk. If a product is bad I will rate it as such. This product I received for free or obtained the item at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. Your results may vary. Thanks for taking the time to read my review.
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Bathe with Innovative Bluetooth Music Shower Head

Reviewed on 27/06/2016, By Justin Heath
 I’m a simple guy who loves music. Whether it be in the car, shower, swimming pool or work, I have to listen to music where ever I go. I own some bluetooth headphones but have recently been looking at bluetooth speakers. I had one about a year ago that was absolute garbage. It was time to find something new so I can still have my music and be distracted while taking a shower.Being as my former bluetooth speaker was a disappointment, it didn’t take me long to find a quality replacement. This Bluetooth Music Shower Head by Morpilot is simply amazing. Upon receiving it, I charged it as directed and synced it to my iPhone 6S Pro and MacBook Pro. It was easy to install, instructions were user friendly and the sound was surprisingly clear. A little powerhouse shower head speaker is exactly what I was looking for.The speaker includes a power button, microphone, and a phone button that lets you answer any incoming phone calls. It can be used up to 11.5 hours for music or phone calls before it needs to be recharged via the provided USB battery charger. It can also be used outside the shower space simply by unscrewing the speaker from the base of the shower head and taking it with you. With a bluetooth range up to 33 feet, the high-fidelity 3W waterproof speaker always delivers.The shower head features 88 angled nozzles to deliver a full spray coverage. It includes water saving shower technology that can help save up to 30% of water. Polished chrome and powerful water pressure make for a great bathing experience.Outstanding sound quality and an impressive design make the Morpilot Bluetooth Music Shower Head a smart choice for any consumer. It comes at a great price that features incredible technology for a one-of-a-kind experience. This comes highly recommended without hesitation. You won’t be disappointed.I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review
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Absolutely groovy for your showering pleasure

Reviewed on 03/06/2016, By Ken Korczak
 I must say that i am extremely impressed with this product -- I like it when I get way more than expected. This is a LARGE 8-inch wide shower head that is smoothly built, attractive and constructed with high quality materials that I know will withstand years of faithful use in your shower.The Bluetooth speaker at the center of tis marvelous fixture delivers terrific sound quality to boot -- it's loud enough to compete with the sound of the water streaming out of the shower head and splashing onto your head and ears. There will be no problem hearing Iggy Pop proclaiming to be a "Real Wild Child" as you soap up and get rid of the day's grime, or hear the news as you prepare for you coming day of work.The speaker paired effortlessly with my HP Laptop and Kindle Fire. Within seconds I was listening to some hard rock as I screwed this thing onto my shower head. it should fit just about any standard fixture.It does not look like a piece of junk. The surface has a white porcelain-like hardness and smoothness. Clean-up is easy, as the surface takes well to scrubbing for those of you who like a meticulously clean bathroom and shower.Again, I was surprised at how big and wide these unit it. You get a wide spray dispersal that really makes it easy to get all-over-wet and immerssed into a killer shower while you listen to some killer heavy metal and sing along!I give this item my full-throated top recommendation and hefty 5 Stars, and I'm 100% convinced you'll love it.Please note I received this item free in exchange for a 100% objective, unbiased and honest review based on an actual field test of the product. I apologize in advance for the not-so-great video, but I've been having some computer problems (long story) but I think this short clip will at least give you and idea of what this looks like and how it operates.
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This is amazing!

Reviewed on 02/06/2016, By AuBz
I don't usually get excited about shower heads but I was super excited to get this one in the mail! It had far exceeded my expectations! It is much bigger than I expected and it had greatly improved my water pressure. Now on to the best part, it comes with a Bluetooth speaker!! They include the charger along with the shower head. It was very easy to set up with my phone so now my kids and I can enjoy music at bath and shower time. I'm really really happy with this product!*received discount in exchange for honest review.
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